What are loans?

Loans are a type of financial aid that are awarded based on your established need. Loans are borrowed money that must be repaid with interest. While you are in college, most loans accumulate interest, but don't require repayment until 6 months after you've graduated. There are ways to start paying off your loans today and plans in place to help you after you've graduated. You don't have to let your loans overwhelm you or burden you with debt. Schedule a free coaching session with the Student Money Management Center to take control of your loans today.

What types of loans are there?

Different loans have different eligibility requirements and award amounts. You can find all the loans available to UNT students by visiting Types of Aid.

How do I repay loans?

There are lots of plans available to you when you're ready to pay off your loans. For a list of repayment plans for your federal loan, visit Student Aid. If you have a private loan, check with your lender to see what plans are available.

For more information on repaying loans, visit Repaying Loans.

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