You could have received your Financial Aid Award Offer letter in the mail or through email. Your Financial Aid Offer letter is not a bill. To better understand any of the terms on this letter, see NASFAA's Glossary of Terms for Award Notifications.

  1. This section shows the estimated cost of attendance according to what you submitted on your FAFSA. For example, this student has an Total Estimated Cost of Attendance of $26,796. This cost is broken down into several parts showing a more detailed explanation of what your money is going to. Please note this is an estimate and could vary based on how much money you spend on miscellaneous and personal, transportation, and housing. For an explanation of each cost, see the Cost of Attendance Definitions.

    Your estimated total cost of attendance
    Direct Amount
    Differential Tuition UGRD $298.00
    Tuition Board and Designate $7,042.00
    Tuition State $1,500.00
    Fees $3,590.00
    Housing & Meals (on-campus) $9,888.00
    Total Direct Costs $22,318.00
    Indirect Amount
    Books and Supplies $1,000.00
    Loan Fees $70.00
    Miscellaneous and Personal $1,548.00
    Transportation $1,860.00
    Total Indirect Costs $4,478.00
    Total Estimated Cost of Attendance $26,796.00


  2. This section shows the financial aid UNT is offering you based on any scholarships you have applied for and/or your FAFSA. The offers are broken down into each semester*. Loans must be repaid while scholarships, work-study and grants do not. To learn more about work-study, grants, loans, or other financial opportunities, see our Types of Financial Aid and Types of Scholarships pages.

    *You will receive a separate Financial Aid Offer letter for summer semesters which will only show the financial aid offered for summer.

    Financial Aid Offer example
    Grants Fall Spring Year Total
    Fed Pell $3,073.00 $3,072.00 $6,145.00
    TX Public Ed Grant Res $1,930.00 $1,930.00 $3,860.00
    Texas Grant Continuing $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $5,000.00
    Student Loans      
    Fed Direct Subsidized Loan $1,750.00 $1,750.00 $3,500.00
    Fed Direct Unsubsidized Loan $1,000.00 $1,000.00 $2,000.00
    Total Financial Aid Offer $10,253.00 $10,252.00 $20,505.00

    Net Cost (Balance after Estimated Financial Aid Offer) $6,291.00

    Other Financial Opportunities Fall Spring Year Total
    Federal Parent Loan Offer $3,146.00 $3,145.00 $6,291.00
  3. This final section gives instructions on how to accept, decline, or learn more about your awards. If you do not accept your awards, you will not receive them.

    Next steps after you have been awarded financial aid
    Next Steps:

    Review Terms and Conditions of your financial aid awards.

    Login to the MyUNT Student Portal :

    • Click on the Financial Aid & Scholarships tile
    • Under Awards, click on Accept/Decline (staff accepts scholarships when all requirements are met)
    • Under Award Decision column, select the appropriate option
    • Click the Submit button above the list of awards
    • A confirmation pop-up window will appear, click Yes to continue or No to go back and select another option
    • Complete all required acknowledgements that might appear on the screen

    Review our website frequently for important information regarding financial aid and scholarships.

    UNT wants you to Start Green and Stay Green by providing other financial resources for ALL students by visiting the UNT Student Money Management Center for UNT tuition/fee payment options, UNT loan based programs, etc.

    Learn how to develop Your College Budget. The UNT Student Money Management Center can help students and families create a college budget and better understand new financial responsibilities. Contact the center by phone at (940) 369-7761 or online.