Terms and Conditions

Award Amounts and Requirements

I understand that any money posted to my student account (including, but not limited to, scholarships, assistant-ships, fellowships, and other educational benefits) that do not appear on my Financial Aid Offer Letter may reduce my financial need, and an adjustment of my award(s) may be necessary. I understand that Financial Aid and Scholarships should be notified in writing by me or by the appropriate agency or donor providing assistance of all sources of funds not listed on my Financial Aid Offer Letter.

I understand that my award depends on the available funding for the program and the award amount(s) may be modified, changed, or canceled at any time without prior notification if regulations or funding for the program(s) change or if my financial aid eligibility changes.

I certify that I will use any money I receive under the federally assisted loans, grants, or work-study programs only for expenses related to my study at the University of North Texas.

I will comply with all applicable federal, state, and institutional policies, procedures, and regulations required by the student financial aid programs that I may receive from the Financial Aid and Scholarships office at the University of North Texas.

Award Cancellation

I will contact Financial Aid and Scholarships if I choose not to authorize disbursement before I accept any awards. I understand that the cancellation is not retroactive.

Degree Requirements

I certify that I am enrolling in courses that will lead to a degree or certification and it is my intent to obtain a degree or certification at the University of North Texas.

I must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress toward my degree or certification to receive any of the awarded financial aid.


I will enroll in the semester(s) that I have accepted an award for.

I will enroll in at least half-time hours per term. Half-time enrollment is defined as 6 undergraduate hours for undergraduate students or 5 graduate hours for graduate students.

If I decide to change my intended enrollment status, I will notify SFAS in writing before the first day of class of the semester that I have accepted aid. If I don’t notify SFAS before the first day of class, I will be responsible for going through the withdraw process required by the Registrar.

If I decide to withdraw from UNT before the first class day of any semester, I will be responsible for repaying any financial aid funds as required by federal or state regulations.

If I decide to withdraw from UNT within the time period stated in the time period stated in the Tuition and Fee Register, any refund calculated will be returned to the financial aid program(s) which posted to my account.

When financial aid funds are returned (Return to Title IV calculation) as a result of an official or unofficial withdrawal, I am responsible to pay any balance owed to the institution.

Financial Aid Application and FAFSA

I understand that any change or revision in my financial aid application, whether made by SFAS or myself, will require an additional review of my eligibility and may delay my application process.

I will submit all requested information to SFAS to meet the requirements of completing my application filing status. I understand that all required information must be submitted by the last day of the term I am enrolled in and eligible to receive aid.

Once I have been awarded, I will not make any corrections to the Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) data I submitted without contacting Financial Aid and Scholarships first. Unnecessary corrections may require verification of FAFSA data, which could result in revisions to my awards, and delay payment of my aid.

A federal or state drug conviction (but not a local or municipal conviction) while receiving Title IV aid will result in a loss of eligibility for all Title IV aid.

If you have a conviction for the possession or sale of illegal drugs for an offense that occurred while you were receiving federal student aid (such as grants, work-study, or loans), you must go back to the FAFSA and complete the Student Aid Eligibility Worksheet to determine if you are eligible for aid or partially eligible for aid.

  • Eligible for aid means your eligibility for federal student aid is not affected by a drug conviction.
  • Part-year eligibility means you may be eligible for federal student aid for part of the year based on the eligibility date indicated on your FAFSA.
  • Ineligible/Don’t know means you do not know if a drug conviction will affect your federal student aid eligibility, or you are ineligible for aid based on the answers you provided on your FAFSA.


I am not in default on any educational loan(s) that have been previously awarded or disbursed to me from any institution including the University of North Texas. I do not owe a refund or repayment of any amount on any educational programs that have been previously awarded or disbursed to me from any educational institution including the University of North Texas.

I authorize the University of North Texas to withhold from me any official transcript or other academic records at the University should I become delinquent on an educational loan which was disbursed to me by the University of North Texas from the National Direct Student Loan program, the Federal Stafford Loan program, or the Hinson-Hazlewood Loan program, until I am considered by the Financial Aid and Scholarships office to be current on my loan repayment obligations.

My Agreement

The acceptance of awards and/or the receipt of an electronic refund or check indicate my agreement to the terms and conditions of my awards.

UNT Authorization

I authorize the University of North Texas to disclose any financial aid or academic information without my prior consent if needed for application processing, determining program eligibility, receipt of student financial aid programs, or in regard to the normal processing and servicing of student financial aid programs to any and all agencies which have an official need for this information.

I understand by accepting awards, I give UNT authorization to:

  • post my financial aid funds to my student account to apply any available Title IV financial aid funds to allowable charges (tuition, mandatory fees, university contracted housing, and meal plan charges)
  • apply Title IV financial aid funds to other educational charges (some of these charges might include, but are not limited to, parking charges (permits, citations, etc), Student Health Center charges, and other miscellaneous educational charges), and
  • apply my financial aid funds to all current year charges and all prior year charges of less than $200.