If a student has registered for classes and decides not to attend UNT, he or she must notify both Financial Aid and Scholarships (FAS) and the Dean of Students Office as early as possible.

Once You Decide to Withdraw from UNT

If you officially withdraw, cease attendance, or are administratively withdrawn, federal regulations require UNT to calculate the amount of Federal Title IV funds (aid) earned during the term from which you withdrew. The amount of earned aid is based on the number of days you attended.

Any unearned Federal Title IV funds (aid) will be returned to the programs from which the money was paid to you (or your parent).

It is possible you will owe a repayment of unearned financial aid funds to the university if you cease attendance prior to the 60 percent completion point of any payment period for which you received financial aid funds. The completion point is based on the total number of class days in a payment period.

If it is determined that you owe a repayment of funds, you will receive notification from FAS.

Withdrawing from classes will affect your future eligibility for financial aid and possibly affect future scholarship disbursements. You must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements to maintain eligibility for financial aid.

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Unofficial Withdrawal from UNT

Unofficial withdrawals encompass all other withdrawals where official notification is not provided to UNT. If a student does not officially withdraw and subsequently fails to earn a passing grade in at least one course offered over an entire period, the institution must assume, for Title IV, HEA purposes, the student has unofficially withdrawn, unless the institution can document that the student completed the enrollment period.

Dropping Classes

You must notify FAS before dropping any classes to learn how this will impact your current and future aid eligibility.

Session Withdrawals

A session is a short term within a full semester (fall, spring, or summer). For fall/spring, an example of a session is the Accelerated Online Programs (AOP). For summer, examples of sessions are 5W1, 5W2, and 10W.

For Title IV purposes, if you have enrolled in a session(s) and do not complete that session(s), you are considered to have withdrawn and a Return of Title IV calculation will be completed.

FAS will not consider you to have withdrawn for the term if you give the institution written confirmation that you will attend a session that begins later in the term. The written confirmation must be provided at the time that would otherwise have been a withdrawal. If you do not attend the later session(s), the date of withdrawal from the previous session will be used as the official withdrawal date to determine the amount of Title IV aid to be returned to based on the R2T4 calculation.