Unable to print and sign a form? Submit it electronically!

  • Complete the form and then SAVE to your computer.
  • On a separate sheet of paper, list your full name, 8-digit UNT student ID number, a statement advising that you were unable to print the form, and your signature.
  • Last, upload a photo of your signed statement and form/(s) using your smartphone.
  • The uploaded documents must be contained in one file, or multiple upload submissions will be needed.
  • ZIP, HEIC, HTML, and EXE files are not accepted.
  • Once your documents have been linked to your account, your status will display ‘Archived’.

Important Reminders

  • Complete all sections and sign the forms.
  • Attach all requested supporting documentation.
  • Ensure your 8-digit UNT ID number is listed on each submitted document.

How to Submit Forms