Amount at UNT

Currently, UNT's target award amount is $5000 per year. If your tuition and fee charges for the term exceed the amount of your TEXAS (Toward EXcellence, Access and Success) Grant award, UNT will make use of other available sources of financial aid other than loans to cover the additional tuition and fee charges.

Additional information fromĀ CollegeForAllTexans.com

Texas Grant requires a student to pass and complete 24 credit hours with a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA each academic year in order to be eligible to receive the grant in subsequent years. The Texas Grant requires a minimum enrollment of 9 credit hours in order for the grant to disburse. If you are not meeting the required number of hours for TEXAS Grant, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) allows awards to be prorated for a lesser amount in the following situations:

  • you are graduating, or
  • you have less than one full term of eligibility remaining, or
  • THECB also allows institutions to consider situations where hardship can be documented, (based on Texas Administrative Code 22.231 Hardship Provisions). The following are hardship situations that can be considered:
    • severe illness or other debilitating condition that may affect your academic performance, or
    • you are responsible for care of sick, injured, or needy person, and that your provision of care may affect your academic performance.

If you find yourself in one of the circumstances listed above, contact our office to discuss your options and to receive the necessary form to be considered for this proration.

Grant FAQs

Why did my Pell Grant amount change?

Your Pell Grant amount can change based on any change you made on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid, enrollment status, or attendance. Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU) may also impact Pell Grant amounts.

Can I get more grant money?

You are considered for your maximum grant eligibility at the time you are awarded. If additional funds are available, you will automatically be considered.

I got X grant last year, but not this year. Why?

Your grant eligibility can change from year to year based on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid, enrollment status, or available funding. Lifetime limits on some programs may also impact grant eligibility.