Students on Financial Aid Suspension due to failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements may appeal this status if they had an extenuating circumstance that impacted their academic success.  To be considered an extenuating circumstance, the circumstance must have been beyond their control and have had a significant negative impact on their academic success, such as:

  • Serious injury of student and/or student's immediate family;
  • Serious extended medical or mental health condition of student and/or student's immediate family;
  • Death of student's close family member;
  • Other unanticipated extenuating circumstance(s) beyond the student's control that prohibited the successful completion of coursework.
    • Please note - an adjustment to college or having a busy job would not qualify.

If you are on Financial Aid Suspension and had an extenuating circumstance which meets the criteria as listed above, you may appeal your SAP status by submitting the applicable "Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal" located at the bottom of this page. This is an online form which requires your EUID and password to access and submit.  

Please review the following information carefully before completing your appeal:

  • Documentation of your extenuating circumstance is required.  You will be prompted to attach supporting documentation to your appeal when completing the online form.  If you do not have your supporting documentation when completing the form, you will be able to save a draft of your appeal (using the "Save Progress" button) and submit once you have collected the needed document(s).  
  • Two written statements are required as part of the appeal process.  You will be asked to detail both the extenuating circumstance which led to or contributed to your failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as well as what changes have been made to help ensure your future academic success. 
  • Please make sure you have completed all fields on the form before submitting.  You will be prompted to complete all required fields and an electronic signature before you are able to submit the form.  While working on your appeal, please use the "Save Form" button to save your work and ensure you have time to review your appeal completely before submission.  You will not be able to edit the appeal once submitted and you will not be able to submit more than one online SAP Appeal per term. 
  • The review of a complete SAP Appeal takes about 3 weeks from point of submission.  A complete appeal includes a submitted SAP Appeal, complete narrative statements, and all required supporting documentation. 
  • Notification of SAP Appeal decisions are sent to your EagleConnect email address.  Requests for additional information and/or documentation will be sent to your EagleConnect email, as well.         

Summer 2024 Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal