Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

If you fail to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements for financial aid, you may lose financial aid eligibility. You can appeal your SAP status for reinstatement of financial aid eligibility if you had mitigating circumstances, such as:

  • Serious injury of yourself and/or your immediate family;
  • Serious extended illness of yourself and/or your immediate family;
  • Death of your relative.
  • Other circumstance(s) out of your control

If you have had mitigating circumstances, please take the following steps for reconsideration of your financial aid eligibility:

  1. Print and complete the appeal form and personal statement below.
  2. Provide supporting documentation.
  3. Submit the appeal form, personal statement and supporting documentation through our secure document uploader. Completed appeals must be submitted by the midpoint of the semester.
  4. Allow 2-3 weeks for the appeal to be processed once your signed appeal form, personal statement, and supporting documentation have been received.

If your appeal is denied, please contact Student Financial Services (SFS) for payment options. Additionally, we encourage you to research Private Loan options if you need assistance with your educational expenses.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Forms

Complete this form to appeal your SAP status for GPA requirements, pace of progression requirements or maximum credit hours.

21-22 SAP Appeal
Personal Statement