Financial Aid Process

Step 1: Submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid
What you need to do
  • Determine your eligibility to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Request a FSA ID, if needed.
  • Gather important documents.
  • Fill out the FAFSA online. UNT's school code is 003594.
  • Wait for your Student Aid Report.
  • Watch your mailbox for notification that we've received your FAFSA.
What we do
  • Download FAFSA information once a week. Holidays and school closures may affect this.
  • Notify you via letter that we've received your FAFSA.
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Step 2: Meet UNT Eligibility Requirements
What you need to do
What we do
  • For new students, we verify that you are admitted to UNT.
  • For continuing students, we review your SAP.
  • We verify that you are in an eligible academic program.
Step 3: Check your Tasks/To Do List
What you need to do
  • Log in to MyUNT.
  • Check for items on your To Do List.
  • Read the details of each item for action you may need to take.
  • Understand how To Do List items impact your financial aid.
  • Check your To Do List regularly for status updates or new items.
  • Once all of your To Do List items are completed and disappear from MyUNT, you are ready to go to step 4.
What we do
  • Process all paperwork. Notify you if there is missing information or documents.
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Step 4: Wait to hear from us
What you need to do
  • Wait for your award letter to be emailed to your UNT email account. Financial aid communications will be sent to this email account.
  • Once you get your award letter, continue to Step 5.
What we do
  • Send any corrections required to the US Department of Education.
  • For transfer students, verify aid is cancelled at other schools.
  • Verify Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Verify acceptance to UNT.
  • Verify enrollment.
  • Set your financial budget.
  • Determine what programs you are eligible for.
  • Make initial awards.
  • Review your awards to ensure your awards are accurate.
Step 5: Accept your Awards
What you need to do
What we do
  • 24-48 hours after you accept, we begin processing your accepted awards.
  • For accepted loans, we submit information to the US Department of Education.
Step 6: Check for Additional To Do List items
What you need to do
What we do
  • Wait for you to complete any additional To Do List items.
  • Wait to get confirmation from the US Department of Education regarding any loan requirements.
Step 7: Check for Disbursed Funds
What you need to do
What we do
  • Verify your Satisfactory Academic Progress status is still in good standing.
  • Verify your enrollment meets disbursement requirements for each award.
  • Disburse your financial aid.
Step 8: Check for your Refund
What you need to do
  • Set up your refund preference on MyUNT.
  • Contact Student Financial Services with any refund related questions.
  • Be aware that some types of financial aid can only be used to pay for certain types of charges. Therefore, you could receive a refund even if you have outstanding charges on your student account. You are responsible for paying the balance on your account, if one remains even after you receive a financial aid refund.
What we do
  • Once your financial aid is disbursed and refunded to you, no further action is needed by our office.