Year-round Pell

Year-round Pell is available to allow eligible students to receive a Pell Grant for summer even if they received a full Pell Grant during the fall and spring terms. To be considered for additional Pell in the summer, you must:

  • be Pell eligible;
  • be enrolled in a degree-seeking undergraduate program; and
  • be enrolled at least half-time for the term the additional Pell Grant is awarded.


Lifetime Eligibility Used

The amount of Federal Pell Grant funds you may receive over your lifetime is limited. Learn more about what the limits are and how your remaining eligibility is calculated.

Class Attendance and Pell Grants

The amount of Federal Pell Grant you receive must be based on the number of hours in which you are enrolled and have begun attendance as of the 12th class day of each term. Therefore, after initial disbursement of your Pell Grant funds, subsequent changes may be made to the amount through the 12th class day based on your actual enrollment.

Grant FAQs

Why did my Pell Grant amount change?

Your Pell Grant amount can change based on any change you made on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid, enrollment status, or attendance. Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU) may also impact Pell Grant amounts.

Can I get more grant money?

You are considered for your maximum grant eligibility at the time you are awarded. If additional funds are available, you will automatically be considered.

I got X grant last year, but not this year. Why?

Your grant eligibility can change from year to year based on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid, enrollment status, or available funding. Lifetime limits on some programs may also impact grant eligibility.