How much does it cost to attend UNT?

Differential tuition and fees vary by college. Detailed information regarding tuition and fees at UNT is available from Student Accounting. For a general cost estimate of what you will be billed, use the tuition plan calculators provided by Student Accounting.

What is Cost of Attendance?

Cost of Attendance (COA), as determined by Financial Aid and Scholarships, is the estimated cost for a typical student to attend UNT. COA includes estimated tuition and fees, as well as other basic living expenses. COA is used, along with your Expected Family Contribution, to calculate your financial aid awards.

The estimated cost of attendance (COA) for students at UNT are based on 15 undergraduate hours and 9 graduate per term (fall/spring) and 12 undergraduate hours and 9 graduate hours for the summer term. Detailed information regarding tuition and fees at UNT is available from Student Accounting. Your actual costs will vary depending on the following factors:

  • Number of credit hours
  • Degree plan
  • Residency (Texas resident or out-of-state resident)
  • Room and board choices
  • Personal expenses

Undergraduate Costs Graduate Costs International Costs

Cost of Attendance Definitions

Tuition and Fees (Billable) - The average cost of tuition and fees for a typical student is based on enrolling 30 hours per year (15 hours in fall and 15 hours in spring). The actual costs that a student incurs will vary depending on the student's degree or certificate program.

Housing/Room (Billable on-campus; Non-Billable off-campus) and Meals/Board (Billable on-campus; Non-Billable off-campus) - A reasonable estimate of what it would cost to live on-campus or in Denton while attending school. Actual costs may vary by individual choices related to location and circumstances.

Books and Supplies (Non-Billable) - The average cost of books and supplies for a typical student for an entire academic year (fall and spring terms) or summer term. Students with disabilities at the University of North Texas who are registered with the Office of Disability Access may request specific accommodations such as alternative formats for textbooks through the AIM system: AIM Student Portal Login and Information | Division of Student Affairs.

Transportation (Non-Billable) - Represents travel to and from parent's residence and transportation costs to and from class and work.

Personal (Non-Billable) - Personal items not included in room and board expenses.

Fed Loan Fees (Non-Billable) - The average fee charged to a typical student to cover the processing costs associated with federal student loan programs.

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