At least 30 percent of applications are chosen for verification, which is a process to confirm the information you reported on your FAFSA. After you submit your FAFSA, your information is sent to the Central Processor, where applications are verified. The processor does checks according to federal financial aid guidelines.

If your application is selected, UNT will notify you through myUNT. Your SAR report will also show if you were selected.

Reasons for verification

Some of the main reasons your application may have been selected include:

  • You were chosen randomly.
  • The FAFSA you submitted was incomplete.
  • Your FAFSA contains estimated information.
  • The data you provided is inconsistent.
  • You made corrections to your application after you were awarded.

What you need to do if your application is chosen

  • Fill out and submit a UNT verification statement and take action on your other financial aid To Do list found on You must complete the verification process before your eligibility for financial aid can be determined, and before financial aid can be given to you.

How long does verification take?

Please note the verification process can take anywhere from four to six weeks. You can monitor the status of your verification process at MyUNT. The earlier you submit the verification statement, the faster it will get done.