General Scholarship Application - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Visit our website:  After reading the important application Instructions, click on the link for the General Scholarship application.  Students must sign-in with their active EUID and password.

What is my EUID? How do I activate my EUID?

Please visit UNT’s Account Management Services Help Desk.

Do I have to be admitted to apply?

Students must have completed an ApplyTexas Application and have activated their EUID to apply for scholarships.  Students should ensure that all high school and college records plus applicable test scores are current with UNT prior to March 1.   Students who are not fully admitted to a UNT degree-seeking program and/or do not meet the published criteria will not be selected for an award.

I’m a graduate student, can I apply?

Yes! Current UNT Graduate students must have a 3.25 cumulative GPA to be eligible for scholarships.  New graduate students must be fully admitted by the Toulouse Graduate School to a UNT degree-seeking program.

I’m an international student, can I apply?

Yes!  International students must still meet the published scholarship criteria to be eligible for scholarships.   Please note:  Students active in the IELI program only are not eligible to be considered.

My SAT/ACT score (or class rank) is below the minimum criteria, but I’m already a UNT student.  Can I apply?

Yes!  SAT/ACT score and high school ranking are only used to determine eligibility for students new from high school.  Continuing UNT students (graduate and undergraduate) will be reviewed based on their UNT cumulative GPA at the end of the most recent fall term.  New transfer students will be reviewed based on their cumulative transfer GPA.

Can I save my application and come back later?

Yes!  You may save your General Application or individual scholarship applications.  Scholarship opportunities that have been saved will show as “Drafted”.

I completed the General Application and I do not have Import information. Am I eligible?

UNT information is imported nightly.  If you are a new UNT student, we encourage you to review your scholarship application for imported information the next business day.  For current or previous UNT students, please email so that we may review to determine if you are eligible. 

Please note: UNT Dallas, UNT Dallas College of Law and UNT Health Science Center students will NOT have imported data.  UNTD and HSC students should contact their respective scholarship offices for opportunities.

I reviewed my Import information and information is incorrect. How do I correct the information?

You cannot make updates to the imported UNT information directly on your application.  You must contact the appropriate cognizant authority over the information if you have concerns about your information.  Please visit our application help page for more information on the imported data.

How can I tell if my reference has submitted their recommendation?

Once you sign in, please click the References tab.  You have the option to resend your request for reference.

Can I change my reference contact?

Yes.  Sign in to your application and click on manage references.  You can resend a request for reference or enter a new reference.

Why do some scholarship opportunities have an award amount and other opportunities say “varies”?

Most scholarship donors allow the University Scholarship Committee to determine the scholarship amount based on available funding. These scholarships are noted as amount varies.  In situations where donors have specified an exact award amount, that amount is noted.  Please note that scholarship funding is never guaranteed and is affected by available funding. 

How can I see the scholarship opportunities that I was automatically matched to?

Students are only able to view the scholarships for which they supplied additional information and submitted an application.   Students may see scholarships that do not require additional action by clicking “All Opportunities” to review criteria for the opportunities that auto-match eligible applicants.

Do I need to complete the FAFSA?

Some scholarships awarded through this competitive application process require the recipient to show financial need as determined by the annual Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  All newly admitted and continuing UNT students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA annually, regardless of family income.  There is no application fee, and the eligibility information received from the application will assist with budgeting for educational related expenses. 

Why does my EFC say 999999?

The FAFSA is available after October 1 annually.  For all students that UNT has not received a FAFSA, the EFC will have the default value of 999999.  Once UNT has received the appropriate FAFSA information, the EFC will update automatically.

When will I know if I have been awarded?

We begin making awards in late April and continue through the summer.  Most students receive notification of awards by late June.

How will I be notified of an award?

Award notification will be sent to EagleConnect, UNT's offical email service. Students are encouraged to monitor their EagleConnect and myUNT regularly.

Can I be awarded more than one scholarship?

Due to the high number of eligible applicants and the limited scholarship funding, our University Scholarship Committee strives to award the most students possible.  Students selected for a scholarship administered by Student Financial Aid & Scholarships may only receive one award per academic year.  Students may still receive departmentally or externally administered awards.