How to Apply for Scholarships

Student Financial AidMoney provided to the student and the family to help them pay for the student's education. Major forms of financial aid include gift aid (grants and scholarships) and self help aid (loans and work). and Scholarships (SFAS) oversee a range of scholarships that are funded by the university and donors who support UNT.  In order to be considered for these scholarships, students must complete the General Scholarship Application annually.  When completing the annual application, please review specific scholarship opportunity criteria and related deadlines.

The General Scholarship Application completion is encouraged for the following students:

  • Entering freshman in the top 50% of their high school graduating class and score at least 1100 on the SAT or 24 on the ACT (written portions excluded) who have been admitted to a UNT program.
  • New Transfer Student with at least a cumulative GPA of 3.25 at the end of the most recent fall term who have been admitted to a UNT program.
  • New graduate students who have been admitted to a UNT graduate program.
  • Continuing undergraduate and graduate students, active in a UNT program, with at least a cumulative GPA of 3.25 at the end of the most recent fall term.

Students must be fully admitted and active in a UNT program to receive any UNT Scholarship award.  Students active in a UNT Dallas program should contact UNT Dallas for scholarship opportunites.

Note: International students are considered for scholarships based on a completed General Scholarship Application, provided they meet scholarship opportunity criteria.

Important Information for Newly Admitted Students

New students must have an assigned UNT ID number and active myUNT account to complete the application.  For help with your EUID and/or password, please visit

UNT is a selective university and does not guarantee admission of all applicants.  Submit the ApplyTexas Application by February 1 to ensure that all high school records, prior college records and entrance exams are current with UNT by March 1. ApplyTexas Applications received after February 1 may not be complete in time for eligibility to be confirmed for the General Scholarship Application.  Admission by March 1 does not guarantee a scholarship award. 

Specific questions regarding your admission application should be directed as follows below:

     Undergraduate Admissions:

          Entering Freshman

          Transfer Students

     Toulouse Graduate School:

          New Graduate Students

Important Application Instructions

Please be prepared to provide essays, email contact for individuals providing letters of recommendation, or other documents that may be required.  These documents must be uploaded to your online application prior to the scholarship opportunity deadline. The application will state if letters of recommendation, essays, etc. are required for a scholarship. All document attachments become the property of UNT and will not be returned. 

If you encounter problems or have questions while using the General Scholarship application, please view the Application Help and Frequently Asked Questions.  Some users may experience slow website performance as the deadline approaches.  

If selected for a scholarship award, award notification will be sent to EagleConnect, UNT’s official email service.  Students are encouraged to monitor EagleConnect and myUNT for award information. Most awards will be announced by late June.

Additional Information

According to Texas Coordinating Board Rules for Public Institutions of Higher Education, relatives of University of North Texas board members may not receive certain scholarships from the institution or system on whose board the member serves.

It is the policy of the University of North Texas not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability (where reasonable accommodations can be made), disabled veteranFor Federal financial aid purposes such as determining dependency status, a veteran is a former member of the US Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard) who served on active duty and was discharged other than dishonorably (i.e., received an honorable or medical discharge). A student is considered a veteran even if they serve just one day on active duty - not active duty for training - before receiving your DD-214 and formal discharge papers. (Note that in order for a veteran to be eligible for VA educational benefits, they must have served for more than 180 consecutive days on active duty before receiving an honorable discharge. There are exceptions for participation in Desert Storm/Desert Shield and other military campaigns.) ROTC students not considered veterans. Since the 1995-96 academic year, a person who was discharged other than dishonorably from one of the military service academies (the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the Naval Academy at Annapolis, the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, or the Coast Guard Academy at New London) is considered a veteran for financial aid purposes. Cadets and midshipmen who are still enrolled in one of the military service academies, however, are not considered veterans. According to the US Department of Education's Action Letter #6 (February 1996), "a student who enrolls in a service academy, but who withdraws before graduating, is considered a veteran for purposes of determining dependency status." Having a DD-214 does not necessarily mean that a student is a veteran for financial aid purposes. As noted above, a student must have served on active duty and received an honorable discharge. status or veteran of the Vietnam era status in its education program, activities, admission or employment policies. In addition to complying with federal and state equal opportunity laws and regulations, the university through its diversity policy declares harassment based on individual differences (including sexual orientation) inconsistent with its mission and educational goals. Direct questions or concerns should be directed to Office of EquityEquity is the dollar value of a person's ownership in a piece of property. For example, the student's home equity is the current market value of the home less the mortgage's remaining unpaid principal. and Diversity (940) 565-2456, or the Dean of Students (940) 565-2648. TDD access is available through Relay Texas: (800) 735-2989.