Educational Aid Exemption

How to apply

  • Have your FAFSA or TASFA completed and submitted in a non-rejected status as early as possible after October 1 annually.
  • Check the
    College for All Texans website for deadlines, requirements and obtain the application.


The Educational Aide Exemption (EAE) is a state-administered program created in 1999. The purpose of this exemption is to assist students who demonstrate financial need and are currently employed with a school district to assist in preparing these students to become qualified teachers


If awarded, applicants are exempt from the payment of tuition and certain mandatory fees.


  • Be a Resident of Texas.
  • Be registered for the Selective ServiceThe Selective Service Administration executes registration for the military draft. Male students who are US citizens and have reached the age of 18 and were born after December 31, 1959 must be registered with Selective Service to be eligible for federal financial aid. or be exempt from this requirement.
  • Be employed in some capacity by a public school district in Texas during the full term for which the student receives the award unless granted a hardship.
  • Show financial needThe difference between the COA and the EFC is the student's financial need - the gap between the cost of attending the school and the student's resources. The financial aid package is based on the amount of financial need. The process of determining a student's need is known as need analysis..
  • Have been employed by a public school district in Texas working full-time working in a classroom directly with the students in a teaching capacity as:
  • An Educational Aide for at least one school year of the past five school years preceding the term or semester for which the student is awarded their initial exemption, or
  • A substitute teacher for 180 days of the past five school years preceding the term or semester for which the student is awarded their initial exemption.
  • Meet academic requirements established by the college or university.
  • Be enrolled in courses required for teacher certification in one or more areas that the Texas Education Agency has determined to be experiencing a critical shortage of teachers at public schools in Texas in accordance with Texas Administrative Code, 21.1083 (6). Please visit for a current list of teacher shortage areas.

Additional Information

If you are interested in learning more about this program please visit the College for All Texans website for full list of qualifications, application instructions, and contact information. Program criteria may be updated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board without prior notice.