2016-2017 Forms

VerificationVerification is a review process in which the FAO determines the accuracy of the information provided on the student's financial aid application. During the verification process the student and parent will be required to submit documentation for the amounts listed (or not listed) on the financial aid application. Such documentation may include signed copies of the most recent Federal income tax returns for the student, spouse (if any) and their parents. Financial aid applications are randomly selected by the Federal processor for verification, with most schools verifying at least 1/3 of all applications. Schools may select additional students for verification if they suspect fraud. Some schools undergo 100% verification. If any discrepancies are uncovered during verification, the financial aid office may require additional information to clear up the discrepancies. Such discrepancies may cause a student's final financial aid package to be different from the initial package described on the award letter they received from the school. If the student refuses to submit the above mentioned documentation, the financial aid package will be canceled and no aid will be awarded. Statements

2016-2017 Verification

New for 2016-2017! The Verification Process is now completed online! If you are selected for verification, look for the Verification Process 16-17 To Do List item on myUNT. Follow the instructions and link provided in the To Do List item to login and complete your verification.

The IRS Data Retrieval Tool on fafsa.gov is currently unavailable.  The IRS anticipates the online data tool will be unavailable for several weeks.  To complete the verification process, tax filers must submit a 2015 IRS Tax Return Transcript.  You may visit www.irs.gov/transcript to view and download a summary of your tax return, called a tax transcript, at Get Transcript Online. You must verify your identity to use this tool. You also may use Get Transcript by Mail or call 1-800-908-9946, and a transcript will be delivered to your address of record within five to 10 days.


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